War of the Rebellion

War of the Rebellion

Our next interest lies in Series I -- Volume L -- in Two Parts (two hardcover books, 2600 total pages), which is part of the War of the Rebellion compilation. Its frontispieces is shown below. Volume 50 covers all the military active west of the Rocky Mountains during the Civil War. Much of this story is contained in the (Federal) Executive and Congressional documentation too -- see References below.

We have no interest in Native American's history per se, although their history is indeed sad (read Helen HUNT's book); our interest lies with the constant deceit and absolute lies of some individuals from the top down in the Federal and State governments about the ARMY's ongoings in the West before and during the Civil War -- the State and Federal genocide of the Native American. The ARMY during the Civil War (and later) was unaccountable at the time to the Eastern body-politic. The justification even today for the huge military-industrial-capitalistic war machine complex budget is questionable.

See "General References" below on how to obtain the two L-Volumes hardbound copies; or buy the CD below (we have no financial interest in this CD). The "War of the Rebellion" is what we call today the Civil War.

The Federal Guides

The "Foreword" below was extracted from the "Guide-Index," which is a Federal documents dealing with the Civil War. It is included here because this whole pre- and Civil War subject with its almost infinite amount of documentation from all three branches of the Federal government and the ARMY too, is very complex. But alas, in some cases the Federal government and States as well when out of their way to hide some of the key documents; but some of those key documents are include here.