Fort Humboldt Deaths

What STROBRIDGE claims is only partly true: the ARMY also killed many Native Americans. STROBRIDGE in his short book doesn't begin to cover the genocide well. He doesn't name those who were there at the time responsible for the genocide. In short: the Native Americans either were killed by the militia locals, as STROBIDGE says; or equally by the unaccountable ARMY (see BUELL's "Summary"); or many in those days, as well as Whites, died of the many European diseases; or the women married White men (because they were better providers) and the fully-blooded Native Americans were bread out of existence. LOWELL was responsible for locking up 800+ Native American men, women and children in a corral at Fort Humboldt, who all died of scurvy. He discusses this in his book when relating about his time at Fort Humboldt.