General Don Carlo BUELL

Don Carlos BUELL

In the first place know that this next "Report" was extremely difficult to find (and the reason it's now printed), because this "Report" is down stream and so removed from the main War of the Rebellion collection, and hence it obscurity.

The historical reasons for this "Report" being Order printed by CORURN are complex: one of the precursors was Don Carlos BUELL was in Southern Humboldt County, California observing the aftermath of some of the killings of the coastal Bear Creek Native Americans (Sinkyone(s) and Wailaki(s) -- "why-lack-ies") by the ARMY, after some of them in turn had earlier killed William OLIVER at Shelter Cove at Oliver's Gap (was he after girls to capitalize on the lucrative slave trade business? For what reason were those few mountain men we know about living in those isolated mountains?).

OLIVER was killed either in 1859 or 1860, since he and Archibald HAMILTON are both listed in SHORT's booklets. Anyway, by then BUELL was so generally agitated by the ARMY's relentless killings that he stated in his Shelter Cove "Report" (which is in the War of the Rebellion) that he would write a "Summary Report" of the ARMY's excessive, unjustified pass killings, and suggested they stop the killings. [There is a time-lag between OLIVER's killing and BUELL's "Report," which doesn't quite fit.]

BUELL's "Summary Report" is listed in one of the volumes of the official Letters Received books as being received; but it's not published in the War of the Rebellion; nor is the original in the D.C. stacks (spent two days with the Staff in the stacks looking for it). The answer is that this later "Report" by CORURN is proof of an obvious coverup of the genocide by the higherups. You can destroy BUELL's "Summary Report" but you can destroy the fact that he wrote it.

Take note: in general, there wasn't any North verses South, Civil War activities in Northern California during the Civil War, so what was the unaccountable (except for BUELL) ARMY's large presents (those Northerners) and their purpose there in being in Northern California during the Civil War, when the fighting was in the East? BUELL later when East to joint the fighting.

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