Plastic Bending


Suggest using the latest ESDU's listed below for calculating inelastic beam stresses, etc.

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  5. SMITH, James O. and SEELY, Fred B.: Advanced Mechanics of Materials, 2nd Ed., John Wiley and Sons, hardcover, 1952. This is a well read classic textbook. (Don't consult the revised edition by other authors -- the older text is better.)

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  7. ESDU 01.06.00: "Information on the use of Data Sheets 01.06."

  8. ESDU 01.06.01: "Form factors for circular sections under combined bending and axial load."

  9. ESDU 01.06.02: "Form factors for flanged sections under combined bending and axial loads."

  10. ESDU 01.06.01: "Form factors for angles, tee and channel sections under combined bending and axial loads."

  11. ESDU 88035: "Maximum inelastic bending moments and form factors for symmetric bending of beams." Has FORTRAN computer program for calculating the bending moments associated with the maximum allowable extreme fiber stress in a beam under symmetric bending. Also see: " ESDU 76016: "Generalization of smooth continuous stress-strain curves for metallic materials."

  12. ESDU 90002: "Struts: strength under flexural, local and inter-rivet buckling (computer program)."

  13. ESDU 90004: "Maximum inelastic bending moments and end loads for beam sections of general polygonal shape (computer program)."