BRUHN's  Analyses and Design Textbook

     Abstract : This partial e-version of BRUHN's textbook is free to upload for your personnel use.  What there is of the book so far represents an exact copy of his original pages,  plus some additional lists of references and some more examples of worked problems.   It includes his Preface, Table of Contents and Chapters A1, A2, A4, C3 and C13 for a total of 146 pagesA new index has been added.  At some later date other sections of his book will be included and published.

     When modifying or updating old structure, use for analyses the same mechanical properties from Mil-HDBK-5x, QQ-A-x, etc., as originally used to analyze the old structure.  For new design and analyses use current mechanical properties; however,  substitute new structure for old based upon their section's EI's, with equal strain compatibilities.  Use update analyses methodologies for both.  Chapter C13 is still relevant but lacks discussions on rivet flexibilities and load determination; and fatigue and exceedance analyses – which are given in a separate, two-part Monograph to be published (see on the Internet HOOSON's AFFDL-TR-70-49).

     BRUHN's Analysis and Design of Flight Vehicle Structures in book form may be purchased from Jacobs Publishing, Carmel, IN., 650 pp., 1973.  ISBN: 0961523409.