Pure Math --from the Britannicas

Pure Mathematics from the Britannicas

The five pure math files contained below are in the main articles extracted from the 1960, 1967/68, 1984 and 1988 Encyclopaedia Britannicas, is currently still under construction; originally they represented a single, 698 paged PC file, but that was broken into five Parts so it could be uploaded onto the Internet. These 5 Parts can all be downloads and concatenated back into a single file offline. Individual articles can be freely downloaded too. Lastly, all the 1884 and a few of the 1888 Encyclopaedia Britannica Edition articles are included here -- but these may also possibly be xeroxed from your local library (assuming they have these Editions).

Open Office's offset function pagination doesn't go much beyond 300 numbered pages so Part 3 currently doesn't have any page numbers; nor does the other following Parts, 4 and 5; this problem is being worked on.

This superb collection of mathematical articles were mainly written by 20th century mathematical experts.