War of the Rebellion

     The "War of the Rebellion" refers to our (U.S.'s) American Civil War of 1861-1865.  But the documents presented here are about the Northern California genocide, beginning from first initial European White contact -to- the end of the Civil War,  inclusive; and later too.   A large part of  that history is contained in Vol. 50 of the War of the Rebellion's canon (see below).  Initially there were estimated to be about 75,000 Native Americans in Northern California -- before the first massive White European contact that occurred around 1848;  but by 1900 there were estimated to be only 900 full blooded Native Americans left.   This decrease owned primarily to European diseases, coupled with Native American women marrying White men; and especially to the outright killing by the Army and the new influx of Europeans.  The documents included herein (in this folder) mainly have never been published before in the late 20th century (were mostly unknown) -- prove there was indeed a genocide and that the Federal government, in collusion with California's State government,  effected the Northern California genocide.  Read, for one,  "KIBBE's Report."  

   To be added later in addition to KIBBE's list is SHORT's unpublished "Humboldt County's Militia List of  the 1860s," which list the surnames and their given names, of about 600 local men, some of whom  were directly involved in the genocide.  

     History teachers: this American history is a very complicated subject not taught in public schools at any lever (against the Law?)The general public should know about their early, factual historyTo this purpose more documents will be added in the future.

     The Report From Iron Mountain is a satire about the current (1960s) U.S. Federal government establishing a religion for controlling the body-politic, much like Iran's "religious" elite did.   It is very possible this could be effected here in the U.S.; today.